There’s No People Like Snow People!

Hope you all enjoyed some festive merriment at the various events taking place in the town over the weekend.
Our craft stalls were extremely well attended, both in the Town Hall and at the Christmas Market. People had the opportunity to buy some of our Snow People, Wooden Tree Bauble stands and cute mouse beds.
By the end of Sunday we had completely sold out, and made £343 to go towards further projects and increase our capacity to work with partnership groups.
There are lots of people to thank but at the top of that list has to be brother and sister team, Liz Croft and John Campbell.
John was responsible for the design and cutting of the trees, and Liz made the mice and helped with the Snow People. She was also a great help in manning the craft table on Sunday and helping out on Friday night. Cheers and many thanks!
Our other partnership groups were the Job Club from Adult Learning & Literacy, who painted the trees and put them together. Thanks to Diane McCaig, Ann Marie Mayberry and Roxanne Docherty.
C.G.S also helped by sending a group of young people accompanied by Shannon Milloy and Dawn Park. They helped with the crafts and we hope to work with them again for other projects.
Thanks to Joan Stewart from Shopper Aide. We work closely with Shopper Aide volunteers to try and share the cost of resources.
Last but not least, thanks to Ann Anderson from Woodlands Resource Centre for allowing us to use their craft room and providing an area for storage.
We’re off to think up Valentine’s ideas now!
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!