Oor Toon Hall

Oor Toon Hall

Constructed in 1760, for the folks of South Kintyre,
A four bayed classical town hall, complete with wooden spire.

Throughout the 18th century, the façade became well known,
The clock and bell were now in place, with spire now made of stone.

Her uses through the centuries, have been many and diverse,
A hub of interaction, for the townsfolk which she served.

Among the early purpose served, was as prison and council chambers,
A line of thought I won’t pursue, out of respect for elected members.

Alas as often is the case, the years began to tell,
Slowing down her hands of time and silencing her bell.

The town halls fate remained unclear, to preserve it, was a must,
Here enters the Campbeltown THI, and South Kintyre Development Trust.

The restoration required someone, with vision and common sense,
alas those people are few and far between, but way hay in came Eric Spence.

My own proud firm received the task, to bring life to Coltart Earley’s design,
There were peaks and troughs along the path, but look…… she’s turned out fine.

We required to have our management on site, to lead this from the top,
The names that came into the frame, were Allan McDougall and Graham Sopp

Our many meetings have been worthwhile, with Trevor, Jill & Allan & Rory,
So many more have played their part, in the Campbeltown Town Hall story.

Now our Town Halls saved for future years, despite doom laden warning,
I’m sure she’ll see many joyous times, and even the odd coffee morning.

Poem written by Campbell Anderson for McKinven and Colville Director, Barry Colville – lead contractor on the refurbishment project.
29th April, 2016